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LE Designs Blog Monthly Events
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Saturday, 19 July 2014


Well hello everyone!! I must apologise for being completely MIA for the past month. We are right in to school holidays at the moment and my crafting time is very limited. We have been so very fortunate with the weather meaning the boys have been quite happy so far to remain at home and play in the garden. This has allowed to me to have a little time to get on but this time is being used to attempt a bit of a clear out/clean up of the house. The schools go back on 20th August and then as of mid September, the littlest one will begin nursery 5 mornings a week. My grand plan is to keep a Monday as my cleaning day, Friday as my day to catch up with my other Mum friends and then this gives me Tuesday-Thursday mornings to devote to my card making and hopefully then selling. Up until that point, I am determined to get the house completely sorted from top to bottom - this is a huge task to achieve, especially when we have a week holiday away starting next weekend. If I just do a few tasks each day, I'll finally get through it all. Todays task was to try and find partners for a pile of odd socks!!!!

Anyway, back to my recent card making….I have been making cards on an 'as and when' basis just now. I have been sharing these on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/ledesignsboutique. I have had a 60th Birthday Party for twins, a Sister birthday card, a congratulations card, Baby cards for the birth of twins, and a birthday card for my friend. A few of these are going to be submitted for various card challenges. As you can see, I have still been crafting, but just for life and not for challenges and unfortunately, not for the blog!!!

Here are a few that I have to share anyway (photo taking is also awful just now as I've not had the time to do my usual set up)

60th Birthday cards for twins…

A Birthday card for my 17 year old Sister

A shaker Congratulations card for my Sister on being offered not one, but 2 jobs!! 

The other cards will be shared in a few posts….keep reading!

Laura xx


  1. HELLO!! I'm soooooo thrilled that you're here, sharing updates on 'life' and some of your AWESOME creations! "Hectic" appears to be residing in both our lives - at the moment, we're on a whirlwind trip to Bend, Oregon, where my husband is bike racing. This is yet another extension of the super-business that has characterized our days since early June. At least I brought along my 'mobile crafting unit' (actually, just a canvas grocery filled with a variety of stamps, inks, stencils and, of course, my cuttlebug and some dies. Silly, perhaps, but gives me a little bit to do between races (and laundering racing gear...ewwwww). Your cards here are, as always, beautiful! The twin's card: so pretty, the shaker butterfly card lovely, and the one for you sister...you already know my response; swooning, swooning, swooning. Fabulous to the max with this trio, my friend! Off to see what's next...excited!!

  2. These are so lovely, particularly the blu butterfly which is breath taking. Hope the weather stays good for you and you have a lovely week away, Cx