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LE Designs Blog Monthly Events
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

STILL Busy busy…….

Evening all,

Despite having a great week with both my husband and the kids off on holiday, there just doesn't seem to be very much crafting time available…It's trips to the park, museum, cinema etc instead.

I did manage to escape at the weekend for a few hours though and went to my very first Ross Papercraft show. It was not really what I was expecting, although I'm not sure what I was actually expecting to be honest…for a start, my friend and I were the youngest there by far and there were many an old lady turning up with a shopping trolley!! I found that although there were lots of exhibitors there, they almost had too much stock - and each exhibitor had much about the same. The one exhibitor I was so excited to see was Stampin' up - but they weren't there!!!! There was a company selling Visible Image stamps who do one of my favourite stamps - the butterfly you see me using in lots of my cards and so I thought I would buy the dragonfly too - but they had no stock of this!!! Typical!!

I was also hoping to see stencils & embossing paste which is a big thing just now, but there was none. The one thing I found was a big trend with all exhibitors was building flakes. I was SO tempted to buy this - but I would need the flakes, the glue, the sponge……too much just now.

I did however pick up some bits and pieces. I got lots of interesting cards - glitter, pearlised, Kraft etc. I bought Glossy accents which I am so excited by and have used on the one card I will share with you for the Clearly Besotted Challenge.

Today after being at the park, my husband had to nip to his work to do a quick 5 minute task and since it is quite near to Hobbycraft, I got to get a quick 20 minutes in there too. I have bought some liquid pearls, perfect pearls and a red embossing powder. I was looking also for a charcoal coloured ink, but sadly, they didn't have any. Can't wait to have a shot of these new products, but unlikely to get to until the end of the week.

I have also now agreed to begin a 'couch' to 5k challenge with two friends so quite when I will actually have time for crafting - who knows!!! I'm sure I will squeeze it in though!!

This afternoon I managed to get out and take proper photos of the Easter cards I have made this year as the ones I took the other night were pretty poor!! Apologies for boring you with the same pictures again!!

Oh, and for those have been following my big boy bed progress….I am now down to only returning my little one to bed 10 times!!!!!!! Huge progress from the 90 times the first night!!!!!!! :-) In my next post I will share the card I have made for the 'Spring' theme at Clearly Besotted.

Laura xxx

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  1. Hi Laura - your papercraft venture sounds "interesting"; even though you weren't able to find your dragonfly, it sounds like a few 'essentials' came home with you. I recently bought some Glossy Accents, and it's still sitting unopened, because I'm not quite sure how to use it! Gahhh...Twenty minutes at Hobbycraft - made me smile! When we travel to the US, part of our trip takes us into Kennewick, WA, our first night stop before heading to Bend OR. I give myself the same time frame at Hobby Lobby; enough for a wee spree. Great to hear the 'big boy bed' episodes are progressing well; 90 down to 10 'put backs' - toooo cute! As for your cards, pretty first time; pretty second! A gallery of gorgeous...I'm heading off to work with a smile for having visited here!