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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Watercolour online class

Hello all,

I am so sorry I have been MIA…..I ave been mega busy doing my friend's wedding invitations. Photos will hopefully follow tomorrow!!

I am so excited to tell you all that I have signed up to undertake a online class called 'Watercolour for Card Makers.' As some of you know, my grandad passed away a few weeks ago. He was an avid watercolorist and I am honoured to inherit his art supplies. I have no clue whatsoever about water colouring and so when I saw this class come up - it was almost light a sign from above!! I just knew I had to sign up for it.

Pre class, we have had some videos to watch and some homework tasks. This has been so helpful already in helping me to make sense of the resources I am now the proud owner of. I have a few photos to show you what I discovered….

I adored this set of paints by Reeves

I was delighted to find some of the make of paints as shown in our pre class videos. These were in fact the only set that had been opened for use, so my Grandad clearly liked them too!!!

This fabulous little book shows you how to achieve different colours by telling you the colours to mix together.

I found this too, which I can only assume is also for helping you mix colours. I've not quite worked out how to use it yet though!!

There were a set of paints that I think are genuinely from Singapore - my Grandad was a great traveller and so he probably picked them up whilst on holiday there. They haven't been used….yet!!

There were also two types of watercolour papers

Now, on to the homework tasks.

I cut strips of watercolour paper and painted a square of each of the colours using the different paints.

The bottom strip was done using the Chiltern Wove paper which I found very thin and rough, whereas the Rockingford paper was much thicker and had a nicer texture.

I have taken a close up picture in order to show the textures of the two papers in detail….

 This is the Chilten Wove (Looks like waffle)

 This is the Rockingford (more of a hammered texture)

The second task was to try mixing up some colours to see the resulting colour. I found this really very interesting. I found that I was particularly drawn to mixing blue and green shades together. I think because this is my favourite shades of colours just now for card making!

Finally, I made the lattice as we were recommended to do.

My lines are a little wonky, but I think that is okay!!

I have made a few cards in the past month that make use of watercolours, but it has simple been a plain coloured panel, straight from a paint tube with no mixing etc. I am so very much looking forward to finding out how to use watercolours in lots of different ways in my card making.

Here are my previous examples ….

The turquoise panel…

 The back tag.

Roll on 5th May, when class starts!!

Laura xxx


  1. So sorry for your loss, your cards are gorgeous! Can't wait to get started!!

  2. Sorry for your loss, but Laura, you are certainly honouring your Grand-dad's memory and spirit by embracing his much loved passion for water-colouring! sign from above? Absolutely! Looks like you have an outstanding supply on hand, and with your creativity and talent, I can only imagine the amazing cards you'll be creating! I'm dreadful with water-colour, but take immense delight in what others do. Your two 'featured' cards - I commented when I saw them, and now again: GORGEOUS!! Have fun playing with your paints! I think Grandpa is smiling...big smiling...