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LE Designs Blog Monthly Events
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dropping back in to say hello and revisiting an existing card

Well hello there!!

It feels like forever since I was last in blog land and forever since I have been creating! I just don;t know sometimes where the time goes when you have two kids!!

Anyway, I am back with not one, but two and a half cards to talk about tonight….Keep reading - you will understand what I mean by the half soon!

The first card, is in fact one you will already have seen from my adventures on the Watercolour card class. I have now added a sentiment to it and have it ready to post off to my friend in order to accept the invitation to her wedding. It is one of the cards I entitled 'Tree of Life' as I managed to create the same card, using different colours for a variety of occasions.

Here it is -

As you will see, I am experimenting again with my photography location! It has been pouring down with heavy rain all day long here in Edinburgh and so to get out to my summerhouse in the garden would have just been a disaster. I decided to test out some of the wonderful ideas from the AMAZING Debby Hughes instead!! I adore how great the card looks just slightly faced to the side. As she said it would, you see so much more of the detail. This is definitely the way I am taking my photos from now on!! She gave another wee trick of putting your card up on a box in order to hide from the mess of your craft table - in this case however, it was to hide all the kids toys that were all over the room! I used this room though because it is huge glass windows all the way around and so was letting in what little light there was today.

I am not overly happy with the location/background - I do prefer my summerhouse, but it did the trick for today!!!!

This card is now safely in an envelope ready to send to my friend tomorrow.

As always, any thoughts, comments etc always very much appreciated.

Laura xxx

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  1. Perfectly posed, perfectly posh! Seeing your card a second time around just reinforces how stunning it truly is...soft, delicate, lovely...such a thoughtful 'extra special' way to accept a wedding invitations. Delight will be written all over her face when she receives this! Your photography looks amazing and I agree: Debby offered excellent advice. My big issue: no pretty window sills to use and 'real light' is in short commodity with the mountain surroundings. Oh well...it just means I'll enjoy your showcases all the more! Actually, toys displayed in the background would be rather fun, too! Once again, a visit here brings me joy!! Hugs~c