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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Wedding Stationery almost completed!!

Good evening all,

A some of you may know, I was asked by my friend to design and make her wedding stationery for her. My guidelines were that the colour scheme was to include a plum colour to match the bridesmaid's dresses (I am chief Bridesmaid!!!!) and there was to be a thistle and rose incorporated into the design. The thistle is the national flower of Scotland and the Rose, the national flower for England where the Husband and Wife to be are from respectively.

I had looked at various thistle and rose stamps but everything seemed a bit 'blah' and so instead, I honed my photography skills, transplanted a thistle bush into my garden, bought a bunch of cream Roses and tried to pretend that they were just growing side by side. Luckily, by the magic of photography depth of field, this looks like it is in fact the case!! Many pictures were taken of this situation, colours strengthened, weakened (or saturated I should say) until it was just right. This photograph appears on each of the stationery items. The invitations were to be a pocketfold design and I would highly recommend buying these pre-made if you are ever going to use them. I have done a wedding stationery collection for a couple before and I had 70 pocket folds to make by hand!!!! Nightmare!!!

Anyway, I have been SO busy working on this stationery as I have had the following to make:
75 x Pocketfold Invitations
120 x Orders of Service
150 x Guest name Tags
12 x Table names
50 x Menus
A table plan (not don't this yet as I need the details from the couple for this)
A Guest Book (plain one decorated as per the invite style)

Of course, when I was designing, I was trying to come up with the design that looked the best and did not overly consider the implications for myself of actually making them!! I have spent hours and hours doing it, but I have enjoyed every minute.

So, now to share with you all the completed designs….. (photos pretty poor due to the lighting conditions here today - camera flash out of batteries!!)



Orders of Service

Guest Name Tags

Table Names


Guest Book

The whole collection - somewhat squashed in together….

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been so busily working on over the past few months…I have loved it, but must admit that I am looking forward to having more free time to concentrate on my own individual card designs!!

Many thanks for looking and as always, any comments always very much appreciated.

Laura xxx

1 comment:

  1. Laura...I'm nearly at a loss for words at how absolutely GORGEOUS, STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL, MARVELOUS and AWESOME this wedding set is! I'm cheering, applauding, happy dancing and all around in a state of awe and swooning combined! WOW! First, how brilliant are you to create such an eye-catching, 'natural looking' rose and thistle pair...and from that dynamic duo, create works of art that showcase them in all their glory. Your creativity and talent SHINE here, Laura (as they also do with your cards!). Outstanding! I know the bride and groom will love and adore these, as do I. Yes indeed...jaw-dropping, show-stopping, knock-out treasures...WOW!! Ummm...do you get the impression I totally x a zillion love these *grin*?? I DO!! Hugs~c