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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Independence and Inkspirational Challenge

Good evening all,

Well it is a very tense evening here in Scotland…..The day before polling day. Tomorrow, we are all to decide whether we wish to remain part on United Kingdom, or if we want to go it alone and become and independent country!! There have been constant debates, news coverage, Facebook posts, 'latest poll' information, discussions and deliberations. Unfortunately, there has also been cases of intimidation and fighting which is so disappointing. We are so lucky to live in a civilised country where we can actually have the chance to vote. However, we should also have freedom of speech which some people in society are feeling is not acceptable unless your views are shared with them.

The reason's given for independence is so that Scotland can take responsibility for their own destiny, funding, etc etc. It is very rare that the people in Scotland have the government they vote for, actually elected in Westminster (London) and so it would be a chance to actually get who we want in power.

The concerns are that we may no longer be allowed to use the pound, we will have to reapply to join the EU and when we do, then new rules state that we will have to take on the Euro as our currency.

Both political stances have made it very hard to place trust in them. The politicians involved rarely answer the questions being asked of them and they are more interested in throwing insults at each other than actually having a sensible discussion.

It has been such a difficult decision to make - and one that has caused debate between family and friends…..but the time has come. My husband and I have already sent away our postal votes and so our part is done….All we can do is sit and wait on the results now. This is such a huge thing for us all - it is not like the election of a government - we can't change our mind in 5 years time. It is a lifetime commitment….Regardless of my vote, or anybody else's for that matter, what is at the heart of it all, is Scotland, my country and I wanted my card to be for her. I want to wish her good luck and I hope that whatever is best for the country will prevail at the polling stations.

I wanted to steer away from anything 'Scottish' on my card (which can be a bit tacky!!) so I decided to turn to some Japanese Origami for inspiration…..The good luck symbol there, being the Crane.
So, following the detailed instructions I found online, I carefully folded the the square of black paper I had cut, and formed the crane. I added a small crystal eye for some added interest and then propped up the front wing with a foam pad. For the sentiment I have a brand new resource that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I bought a rather retro label maker that I once had as a child but sadly got rid off. The machine has a wheel that you turn to select your letter, you press the level and the letter is embossed on tape that has been fed through….I am in love with this fabulous little machine and so you will see it appearing quite a lot in my cards I think!!!! The theme at Inkspirational challenges is….

and so my Crane is perfect for this!

So here is it, my Good Luck card for Scotland - may the best destiny for our country prevail….

Thank you for reading and any comments are always to much appreciated. xxx


  1. Hi Laura - are you happy with how the vote turned out? But regardless of that your card is simply wonderful! Thanks for playing at Inkspirational this week!

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog post and I appreciate that you put both sides of the case without forcing your opinion, which means that a casual visitor to your blog won't feel offended if they disagree - well done!
    I love that you made a card on this theme so close to your heart. It is touching in its simplicity, beautiful and bold.
    Thank you for joining us at Inkspirational Challenges. Come back next time! Marina

  3. Laura, I'm lagging behind in comments - again! Your card is not only visually stunning, but the 'essence' of why you created it, is what adds to the impact! Gorgeous...cas...eye-catching...striking. What can I say but: impressive, inspired and innovative. LOVE it!! So glad you shared it at Inkspirational Challenges!!