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LE Designs Blog Monthly Events
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Well hello all and it is SO lovely to be sitting down actually getting to put a post on my blog which I just haven't had a chance to do in so long!! I am not quite sure why, to be honest….things have just been really busy with the Summer holidays and then the return to school! My biggest boy is now in Primary 3 and my little one has now started in nursery!! This means I now have some very precious 'me time'….yipeeee!!! I have decided to be quite strict with my time though, to make the maximum use of it and it will be as follows:

Monday - Cleaning (sigh!)
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - LE Designs crafting time!!!!!
Friday - Coffee with friends time and also the ironing (sigh!)

I have got so many exciting things to tell you, and more importantly, not one, but 3 cards to share with you!!!

The first exciting news is that the studio/office we planned to create in one of our garages that was going to take 2 years to pay for, is now being brought forward to now!! As many of you know, my Nan passed away earlier in the year which was a massive shock to us all. She was such an inspiration to us all, and particularly to me in the field of crafting. I still vividly remember the day she taught me how to cross stitch, and it was from then on, that my crafting really began. I was really taken aback to find out she had left each of the family members, some money in her will and my share is the money we were going to need to be able to create the studio/office. She was so big on 'family' and so half the money I am going to put in trust for my two boys, for their future (something she would very much approve of) and the rest will then be used for the conversion (again, the fact that this will be used as a full time crafting space, will be majorly approved of!!)

So, project LE Designs studio can begin. We are firstly waiting on a meeting with an architect in order to get a set of drawings to submit to the council (we will need a building warrant) and then we can start pricing everything….of course, me being me - I am way ahead of this 'work' stage!! I was at Ikea last weekend and have selected some furniture that I would like…..

Desk -2 metres long and so plenty of space for creating!

Thought this would be great for card storage-

But as I say - that's me totally skipping ahead and so I need to rein myself in just now!!

So in other exciting news…..I am part of (and organiser of) an online Christmas shopping experience!! There are going to be 17 companies involved who all make handmade items (they are all GORGEOUS) and we are going to have a website where you can browse items and then go to the company websites to make purchases. This has of course taken a huge amount of co-ordination and so I have been super busy each night working on it all. I have also had to create a collection for this event which is now complete and I am super happy with it all. You are actually going to get to see one of them tonight as I am going to enter it in to the Casology & Uniko Studio challenges!! If you want to find out more about the above event, please do follow @fairhandmade on twitter, visit our Facebook page or visit our website - www.handmadefair.webs.com.

Anyway, enough chatting - you want to see cards I hear you say. Well I am going to put these on a separate post….stay tuned :-) xx

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  1. LAURA!! I'm thrilled to see that you've returned to your blog, as I've missed you plenty (and I'm lousy with FB). Yes, the busy-ness of 'regular' life does cramp crafting opportunities, but your new schedule looks like you'll be resolving that. Fabulous to know that you've dedicated three days to LE-time (and one day to ironing..too funny! Ironing is so not my forte!). Your plans for the inheritance from Nana must have her mega-watt smiling and clasping her hands in gleeful approval! You're taking care of your boys' futures, alongside your own 'well being'! How exciting that you'll soon have a studio/office - you know I'll be waiting for pictures! My kitchen counter crafting space is growing smaller with each little shopping splurge I go on (the latest one was fabulous x awesome!), but we don't have any space whatsoever for me to 'spill out'. Oh, how I wish I did...the time I'd save in taking out supplies and putting them away daily, would mean so many more opportunities for productivity (maybe...). Perhaps some day...In the meantime, I'll enjoy your space vicariously! Off to see those cards of yours....and wearing a beaming smile of joy in seeing you no longer MIA!