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LE Designs Blog Monthly Events
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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Watercolour class day 7…..faking it!!

Today's lessons were all about faking it! We were using stamps and watercolours to create the illusion that we had actually hand painted a line picture. I decided again to use my watercolour pencils for this card, although I found it much easier to use actual watercolour paints for the water in the vase. I think that is the key - to use the different mediums in co-ordination with each other.

So here is my 'faking it' watercolour card…..hopefully it looks as though I have sat down with a blank canvas and hand painted the picture….

Quite impressed with this one even if I do say so myself!! Just completed my card for today which I;m super excited about - will photograph and post tomorrow before giving to my friend for her birthday on Friday!!

Any comments as always, so very much appreciated xxx

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  1. WOW, Laura, you're achieved your goal: a painting that looks totally 'free form"! Had you not mentioned that you used stamps, I'd never have guessed.You should be impressed with this; I know I certainly am! Love it - and another A+++ for you! Hugs~c