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LE Designs Blog Monthly Events
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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Watercolour class day 9 - Freehand painting…..aaaahhhhh!!!

Yes, I am back with more cards and this time it is time to get serious - no templates, no stencils, no stamps, no faux hand painting - genuine free as a bird hand painting!! Those words struck the fear of God in to me, but then I went in to class with an open mind and I was pleasantly surprised!!

We were shown three different card techniques and I;m going to be honest, if not a bit cheeky here. The first card I LOVED, but the second and third just weren't really my 'style' if that makes sense. I know I probably should give the ideas a try at some point, but I decided instead just to focus on the first card. I made it last night and just fell in love with it - so much so, that I made another two using the same technique this morning!!

I am here therefore to share with you three cards, using the same technique, creating the same picture, using the same layout, but each oh so different…….

So here we go, here is card number one - I have decided to give this card instead of the one I made yesterday to my friend whose birthday it is tomorrow…

As you can see, it is a free form, multilayered, multi coloured tree. I decided to finish it off by adding a bit of bling (you know I LOVE my bling) by way of some co-ordinating sequins. 

Now, I was in love with this card….I actually sat it on my mantlepiece last night and just kept looking at it in admiration….but then last night I was pondering and wondered if I could do the same thing, but in much more autumnal colours and maybe add buttons in order to make a Father's Day card for my Dad…..It's not Father's day until June for us in the UK but it's always good to be organised!!

So this morning I set to work. I still added some green to the tree, but I made sure I set this down first to give just a hint of remaining greenery and then focussed on layering over browns, reds and then finally, oranges. Oh, I am so impressed….

I much prefer my tree trunk on this one - I think it is the darkness of it. I'm a bit unsure about the branches on both cards though - Definitely need to work on them. 

An hour or so later, I then had more time to ponder……would't this be great in fawn, pale pink and gold shimmery colours with some crystals and pearls added for acting as a Wedding card or in my case, as I am going to use it as a Wedding Acceptance card….

Here is the reality of the pondering.

I only had 3mm pearls which I think perhaps are on the small side and pretty hard to pick out. I never added branches this time - I'm not sure if this looks better or worse?!

As you can see, I've had to do a makeshift photo location again today. Life with a soon to be 3 year old is just so manic!!

This card was SUPER easy to do but I think the results are utterly stunning.

I have decided to call this card 'Tree of Life' because I feel it is so versatile and can be suited to many life events by just simply tweaking the colours used.

I used my proper 'tube' watercolours again for these cards and I just find them amazing.

As always, any comments so very much appreciated. xxx


  1. These are all beautiful, but the last one might be my favorite! And you have inspired me to paint another tree card in similar colors to give to my friend for her wedding! Fantastic idea!! :)

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much!! I was just so inspired by your amazing idea. I am enjoying this class so much - your videos are all amazing!!! I would never have thought about using watercolours in my card making until taking this class. It just takes them all to a new level. Xxxx

  2. Jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, elbows on the table gazing-and-admiring...your cards here are truly stunning, Laura!! Your trio of trees really showcase your amazing talent and creativity, with each one similar, yet so unique. The colourfulness of the first, the 'masculine' colurs and details of the second,and the lovely delicate nature of the third...so fabulous! Tree of Life = perfect name for this classy, versatile design! Way to go with the water-colouring!! You're almost getting me to the 'must try' point...Off to see what you've shared on your next post (and leaving your with an A++++ on this assignment!!) Hugs~c