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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Craft Product Review - Woodware Magic Anti-static Pad

Good morning all and thank you for joining me while I review one of my craft 'essentials' - the Woodware Magic Anti-static Pad. This is a very recent addition to my craft supplies but is one that has become a must have item and one that has revolutionised my embossing techniques.

I'm sure many of you out there have fallen foul to the same issues I was having when heat embossing. You emboss your image, put the powder on, shake off the excess and there you are with your lovely image, but these horrible flecks of powder lodged all over the rest of the card. I found this to be a particular problem when using black embossing powder.

Let me show you what I mean…..here is a card I made for the review of the Clearly Besotted Set a Scene stamp set. I had embossed the globe in black on some crisp white card stock. Here is the photo of the card -

Not to noticeable from this clever photo taking angle - but now here is the close up….

You see…..awful!!!! This has happened to me so many times and I was determined to find something to stop this happening. I had heard about the Stampin' up Embossing Buddy but I do like to buy things locally so I headed to a treasure trove of a shop, Stampers Grove in Edinburgh. I explained my problem and straight away they knew what I meant and more importantly, what I needed to resolve this issue - a Magic Anti Static Pad by Woodware. It was a mere £4.52 and so I bought it without hesitation…..I am AMAZED at the results.

Here we go, I got out some supplies to show you lovely readers how great this product is. 

I decided to go with some pearlised card as I find this even harder to stop those specks going everywhere.

I inked my stamp up with emboss embossing ink and stamped on to my card. 

I added the embossing powder and emptied off the excess.

Flecks still stuck over the rest of the card. This does not look great when heat embossed…..

I repeated the same process with the exact same materials, but this time, used my Woodware Anti Static Bag. Prior to stamping the image on the card, you simply rub the bag over the surface of the card.

Sometimes a little excess powder comes out on the the card, but you just simply tap this off prior to stamping your image.

I covered in embossing powder as before, shook off the excess and…..

Not a single speck of powder left.

Heat embossed and voila...

I think you can see just how wonderful this product is. I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody who uses heat embossing in their card making.

Below there is a link to some places you can purchase this item. Many thanks for reading this review and I hope it has been useful. Join me next Thursday when I will be showing you some craft room inspiration and next month when I will be reviewing the Ranger Craft Mat.

Laura xxx

Stampers Grove - Magic Anti Static Pad
For stockists in other parts of the UK and worldwide, check out the Woodware stockist finder

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  1. Thank you for a lovely review of our product, but thanks especially for such clear photographs.