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LE Designs Blog Monthly Events
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Monday 3 November 2014

Our Temporary Studio, a try out of a new photography layout and Case this Sketch #98

Good evening all,

As you can see from the post title - lots to share with you! I now have a studio (albeit a small, temporary one) and it is BRILLIANT. I have a desk all of my own instead of the dining room table, I have storage that is right beside my desk that is so easy to access instead of my half height cupboard under the stairs and I have a tray with all my most used resources (scissors, tape, glue, tweezers etc) sitting right on my desk. This all also means that if I am working on a project, I don't have to tidy it away before the kids descend in for dinner!

Here are a couple of wee pictures - not very inspiring (YET) - an Ikea trip is needed to go and get things for the wall and my storage needs arranged properly.

I also have a sink right next to me which is something I won't have in my actual studio :-( and I am also just off the kitchen and so easy access to the kettle!!!

Now on to more important things….photography. As you may know, my absolute idol of the crafting world is the amazing Debby Hughes. Her designs are always exquisite and her way of photographing her cards is just breathtaking. Debby very kindly has been sharing her hints and tips on how to take better photos of your cards in a blog post series called Limelight. I have been reading with much interest and so decided to try putting her suggestions in to practice. 

It's best to show you the set up I arranged - 

I attached a bit of paper on to an art board which helped to hide the true background which is our fish tank! In front of this was a couple of vases/plant pots which matched in with the colours on the card I had created. These were much further back than the card so that they would be out of focus in the actual photo.

My card was placed on a wooden board at the front of the desk and I added a couple of items (ink pads) for a bit of interest - not quite sure these work, but it's all a learning curve!!!

Here it is here - 

And here was my camera - 

And the final result……

The layout of this card was completely inspired by the CASE this Sketch latest layout which is so exciting!!

Many thanks for reading. Any comments as always so very much appreciated. 

Laura xx


  1. Congratulations on your new space! I remember scrapping at the dining room table when my kids would go to bed.... and having to clean it all up so we could eat the next day -- so much work! LOL!
    Your card is so pretty -- I love it! Wonderful take on the sketch!

  2. Love these colors and what a great photo!

  3. Beautiful take on the sketch, and I love your photo set up!