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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Uniko Studio 'A Gift for You' review

Good morning everyone and thank you for joining me for another review. This time, we are going to be looking at the 'A Gift for you' stamp set from Uniko Studio.

I am a huge fan of Uniko Studio products. My very first set from them was the Pure Florals Chrysanthemum set.

I have used this set SO many times and it never fails to impress me. It would have been really easy to do a review of this set, but I decided to push my own boundaries somewhat by taking on a stamp set that I own, but have actually hardly used - A Gift for You.

As you can see, this set features a number of sentiments, a present, a positive and negative bow, and some sequins stamps.

Before I go on, lets first of all talk about Uniko Studio. This company was founded and run by the lovely Beverley Brown. On the website Beverley explains a bit more about the company.

'Uniko Studio is a small company based in the North East of the UK. Uniko Studio specialises in surface pattern design & clear stamps for the hobby market.
Uniko Studio will feature high quality photopolymer stamps designed & manufactured here in the UK, and if things go well we will branch out into other crafting supplies.
Since starting & graduating from Cleveland College of Art & Design, with a first class honours (BA) degree in Textiles & Surface Pattern Design I knew that my new path in life would be a creative one. Since a young girl I have been creative & I have enjoyed the hobby of making cards for as long as I can remember! During the final stages of my degree I focused my projects on designing clear stamps for the hobby market with a clear focus of starting the company once I graduated.
So here I am … Uniko Studio! I hope you will join me on this adventure & enjoy the NEW stamp designs from Uniko Studio.'
Each of the stamps sets from Uniko Studio come in the most amazing packing - a DVD case. This keeps your stamps completely safe and are perfect for storage purposes. You can see how perfectly they store on my shelves….

All these stamps are completely ready to use as soon as you get them - not need for any preparation of the stamps like I have had to do with some other companies. They are strong and so easy to work with. Just be really careful with any of the tiny stamps - like the sequins ones in this set. I am terrible for losing small stamps!!!!

As I said, I have hardly used this stamp set so I was looking forward to trying something new. I had previously used a couple of the sentiments and I really love their simplicity. Sometimes you want the images on your card to be the main focus and so these sentiments allow for this. A couple of examples of cards I have made with them are….


In both these examples, these simple sentiments were exactly what was was needed.

Now on to using the stamps. I decided to create a really simple card to start, using the present as the main image. I used my favourite monochrome colour combination.

I began by stamping the present image on white card. For stamps like these when there is going to be a lot of black, I always use Versafine Onyx Black ink. I find this is the only one that gives a really true dark black image.

I did the same with the bow and then fussy cut both out.

For my base card, I used a white A6 card with a black and white mat - I find this creates a really crisp looking card.

For the sentiment, I decided to use a strip of black card and heat emboss the sentiment in white.

As you will see, I forgot to use my Anti Static pad first so I had specks of EP left around the sentiment! You can see a review of this wonderful product here. I re-did this again, using my Anti Static pad first!

The present was given some foam pads on the back and then the card was assembled.

And the finished result….

I love how clean and simple it is, yet just really nice. It is also one, because of the simple colour scheme, that could be used as a masculine card too.

I decided for the next card, to keep with the same colour scheme, but this time to make the sentiment the main focus. I really love the stamp that is HB 2U and I used this along with the Happy Birthday stamp.

I began by stamping Happy Birthday down the card - again using Versafine Onyx Black ink, for that really crisp print.

Yes, I made a bit of an error in judgement when stamping the third line - I did in fact do a new card to amend this! After the Happy Birthday's I stamped the '2U' part of the 'HB 2U' stamp in red.

This was again assembled on a white and black base card.

Such a quick and simple card, but one that says all it needs to!

For a final card using this set (for now!!) I decided it was time to use colour and bling! I have got a favourite card layout just now which I used again, and also my favourite technique of paint splatters. I began with a white base card and added a 2.5cm strip of white linen card down the left side. I then cut a  piece of turquoise card to slightly overlap the linen card. I was desperate to use turquoise and white as the present reminds me of a very special little blue box with white ribbon!!
I added paint splatters of white perfect pearls to give a glittery shimmer on the card. 

I used the present again, but this time heat embossed in white on to more of this turquoise card. These was fussy cut out again.

The sentiment that seemed most appropriate in this case was the "A Gift for You' one which again was heat embossed in white, directly on the the turquoise card.

One stamp I hadn't used yet, were the sequins. These are so lovely, but for me sequins should be sparkly and so I had to find a way to achieve this!

I stamped the larger of the sequins in Memento Teal Zeal randomly over the turquoise card, and then added a small crystal to the centre of each. I got my sparkle.

The card was assembled and the finished result is a glittery card. This would be so perfect for putting a gift voucher inside!

Well, I don't know about you, but I am super impressed with this little stamp set. I was so glad I sat down and gave it some real loving as I can see there are lots of possibilities with this set and at a price of only £4.95, it is an absolute bargain. You can find this stamp set on the Uniko Studio website here.

Thank you so much for joining me, I really hope I have given you some inspiration for this set. 

Don't forget to check out our Craft Room inspiration post from last Thursday where we look at the AMAZING room of Maria Elena, and do join us next Thursday when we will be giving another craft room idea to make life in the craft room easier.

Many thanks,
Laura xx

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